Art News – Semester 1 2019

Elements of Art Learning Wall

The art workshop is ready for students to start an exciting new year of art projects!

ACE In the Making with Friendship Stones

Last year students created friendship rocks which will be used to make a display for our ACE sign.  The sign will be placed in the school grounds when finished for all to see!

Outdoor Patio Area

How good does our outdoor patio area look outside the art room!  Our outdoor patio area provides a relaxing space for students who have completed their art work.

Wall of Fame

We have started to cover the “Art Wall of Fame” with some of the work from our very talented students.

Collaborative Hand Art

Our first lesson this year was for each student from Pre-primary to Year 6 to make an interesting hand picture using shapes, lines and colour.  These have been used  to create four whole school art works which will be displayed around the school for students to find their hand.  “Hand in Hand we Stand Together as a Parkerville Primary School”