Bickley Leadership Camp

On 14 March 2017 rooms 13 and 14 went to Bickley Leadership Camp for a leadership day.  First we left Parkerville at 8am, for an hour drive to Bickley.  Then we arrived there at 9am.  In my group were 13 kids and our leader Ms Kerr.

First my group did rope and rock climbing.  We put on our harness and helmets first.  Then we walked over to the climbing section.  Then we split up into 4 groups.  Then an hour later it was recess.

After recess we went to rafting.  First we made 2 rafts, and then we paddled and raced rafts around Bickley Dam.  The two rafts were called Phoenix and The Bickley Raft.  Then we pulled the rafts apart and went to Lunch.

After Lunch we went to the team building games.  The first game we played was called get the skittles out of the oven.  Then we played two more games and golden jogger.  Then we went on the bus and went home.

I think it was a fun day and my favourite thing was rafting.  Also thank you to Ms Kerr and Ms Taylor for making this day happen.

Owen B – Yr. 6 Room 13