Faction Cross Country Carnival – 20 June 2018


WOW! What a great day we had running the 2018 Cross Country – fabulous weather, entertaining commentary (thank-you Mr Entwistle), fantastic sportsmanship and the closest result EVER!

Schoch – 108 points

Towle- 107 points

Jones- 107 points


Individual Place getters:

Year PP Girls First Place – Bella V

Year PP Girls Second Place – Ellie G

Year PP Boys First Place – James N

Year PP Boys Second Place – Max B

Year 1 Girls First Place – Kate G

Year 1 Girls Second Place – Anika S

Year 1 Boys First Place – Finley G

Year 1 Boys Second Place – Ash M

Year 2 Girls First Place – Elsie S

Year 2 Girls Second Place – Bianca F

Year 2 Boys First Place – Jaxon V

Year 2 Boys Second Place – Harley M

Year 3 Girls First Place – Anna R

Year 3 Girls Second Place – Natasha W

Year 3 Boys First Place – Tyson W

Year 3 Boys Second Place – Dakota P

Year 4 Girls First Place – Stephanie S

Year 4 Girls Second Place – Ruby M

Year 4 Boys First Place – Beau P

Year 4 Boys Second Place – Zane S

Year 5 Girls First Place – Sienna P

Year 5 Girls Second Place – Sophie F

Year 5 Boys First Place – Codie R

Year 5 Boys Second Place – Patrick U

Year 6 Girls First Place – Mary G

Year 6 Girls Second Place – Nyia S

Year 6 Boys First Place – Lincoln P

Year 6 Boys Second Place – Alec R

Well done to everyone and thank-you to all the parents who helped out on the day. A special mention to Mrs Karen Entwistle who spent hours sweeping the honky nuts from the course prior to the event.