Information from our School Psychologist

At this time we feel it imperative to work with children to ensure they are feeling safe and supported. As you would imagine, despite our best efforts, they would be feeling anxious and powerless and will be picking up on our vibe, no matter how well we may be hiding it. Our amazing school psychologist, Rebecca Bowers has shared some information you may find useful at this time whether your child is still at school or you are self-isolating. Please feel free to use or not as you feel appropriate and do not hesitate to call and chat if you need.


Online Counselling 

The BRAVE Program:

Mood Gym:

Information and 0nline Support


Beyond Blue:


Kids Helpline:

Department of Health:

World Health Organisation:


Helpful Apps

Smiling Mind:

1 Giant Mind:

Reachout Apps:

Mind Shift:


The Body Coach:

Cosmic Yoga:


Other Helpful Links

Talking to Children About COVID-19 (Coronavirus): A Parent Resource:

A video explaining how to talk to children about the Coronavirus: