Clubs at Parkerville

Reading Clubs at Parkerville

Before school, every morning, the library is opened at 8.10am and students are invited to come in and read for 20 minutes before the school day begins. So, what are the benefits of reading and providing opportunities for students to read?

  • Reading develops learner autonomy.
  • Reading enhances general language competence.
  • Reading helps develop general, world knowledge.
  • Reading extends, consolidates and sustains vocabulary growth.
  • Reading helps improve writing.

Footy Clubs at Parkerville

Most mornings at 8.00am, the Footy Club is in full swing on the oval. Due to the generosity of parent Byron Lockyer, students can come down and hone their kicking skills or just socialise with other students in a fun atmosphere whilst building some fitness. The benefits are many:

  • Fine and gross motor development;
  • Improvement in dexterity and coordination;
  • Improvement in attentional focus and reactions;
  • Development of endurance, fitness and aerobic capacity.

Running Clubs at Parkerville

Running Club is confined to second and third term to assist students to prepare for the cross country and athletics events that occur in these terms. Students are encouraged to achieve through the 100s club medals and trophies that are awarded for milestones in distances. The benefits to students are very positive:

  • Cardiac health is greatly increased
  • Running boosts immunity which is valuable in the winter months;
  • Research suggests it can boost memory. Improve the mood and improve self-esteem.
  • Build stronger bones.
  • Get an energy boost.