Parkerville School Board

Parkerville School Board

A Note from the School Board

In 2016 the Parkerville School Board¬†was approached with a Proposal to consider applying for Independence Status. After extensive consultation with the Council, P & C, staff and wider school community, Parkerville Primary School committed to participating in the rigorous selection process. Carolyn Nunn along with myself, Amy Brookes wrote and presented Parkerville’s narrative to a panel of selectors.

Our school was selected after an exhaustive process to become independent and we were thrilled to evolve from a School Council to a School Board in October 2016. We have elected a range of parents who can give thoughtful and considered insight from a professional and personal/parent point of view. The evolution from Council to School Board has meant that we have more autonomy for the school to drive its own agenda and be more responsive to local needs and influences. The school board gives us the necessary influence to translate our needs more effectively and lead to better outcomes socially and academically.

The Board has established itself seamlessly within the school context and plays an important part in the whole school review process, ensuring governance required as part of being an IPS School.

The Board has participated in initial training on the roles, responsibilities and key attributes that make a school board effective. Our meetings have focused on the formulation of our Delivery and Performance Agreement (DPA)and familiarizing ourselves with the school’s business plan and relevant data.

The School Board regularly reviews financial and budget information and is confident that the school shows strong financial stewardship, spending allocated funds appropriately. The members of our Board truly are excited to be representing our school and look forward to working cohesively as a group and within the wider school community. – Amy Brookes, Chair



Principal: Mrs Carolyn Nunn


Parent Members: (all 3 year terms)





Mr Darren Entwistle

Mrs Nicole Rumsey

Mrs Melinda Feucs

Staff Representatives:

Mrs Sharon Wyborn



Ms Maryann Taylor