P and C at Parkerville

P and C at Parkerville

Executive Members 2017

President – Julie Smith

Vice President – Courtney Bullock

Treasurer – Fiona Solly

Secretary – Sharon Storey

Executive Members – Amy Brookes, Clare Mullane, Volker Framenau

Canteen Coordinator – Nikki Briffa

Uniform Coordinator – Clare Mullane

Child Safety Coordinator – Courtney Bullock

Fundraising Coordination – Courtney Bullock and Amy Brookes

Grant Coordination – Volker Framenau

The P & C support the school by raising significant funds to provide improvements to the facilities and to supplement learning resources and educational programs. A parent representative is elected from the P & C Association as a member of the School Board.

It is important that we have as many parents as possible attending meetings so that a wide body of parents are represented at these meetings to put forward ideas, opinions and contribute to the continuing success of the whole school. The P & C also support sport at our school and run a healthy canteen.

If you are interested in helping out or joining the P & C then please fill in the form below, we always welcome new people and new ideas. Then please fill in the form below: