Early Childhood Education 2

Early Childhood Education

At Parkerville our early childhood education pedagogy is one that links closely to the Early Years Learning Framework and the WA Curriculum. We adhere to the holistic nature of early childhood educators’ professional practice(especially those aspects that involve building and nurturing relationships), curriculum decision-making and teaching and learning. We aim to establish respectful and caring relationships with children and families, and ensure that we work together to construct curriculum and learning experiences relevant to children in their local context. These experiences gradually expand children’s knowledge and understanding of the world.

Our teachers’ professional judgements are central to their active role in facilitating children’s learning. In making professional judgements, they weave together their:

  • professional knowledge and skills
  • knowledge of children, families and communities
  • awareness of how their beliefs and values impact on children’s learning
  • personal styles and past experiences.

PPC ECE Booklet 2022


This year we have 2 Kindy groups in Room 1. Kindergarten students attend 3 days per fortnight (Red Group – Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday/Blue Group – Tuesday, Thursday and every other Friday).


This year we have a Pre-Primary class in room 2 and a Pre-Primary/Year 1 class in room 3.

Years 1 – 3

We have 2x Year 1/2 classes, a Year 2, a Year 3 and a Year 3/4.

Early Childhood education extends to Year 3. All of our teachers work within the National Quality Standard Framework guidelines to ensure that we are delivery quality instruction in an environment that is conducive to positive learning and outcomes.