Technology at Parkerville

At Parkerville, we have been on a journey to ready ourselves for the implementation of the Technologies curriculum. The school, over the last two years, has sourced Professional Development for staff and updated existing digital technology such as iPads, desktop and laptop computers, Wi-Fi access, digital resources such as robots and iPad applications and Smartboards.

We have recently been accepted into the NAPLAN online trial and have implemented the Typing Tournament programme to assist with student readiness.

Ms Orford has a dedicated day that she can assist staff with implementation of the new curriculum and troubleshoot technical issues.

Technology is implemented across all curriculum areas and is used to supplement programmes and engage students as well as teach real -world skills and applications.

The Western Australian Curriculum: Technologies aims to develop the knowledge, understandings and skills to ensure that, individually and collaboratively, students:

  • investigate, design, plan, manage, create and evaluate solutions
  • are creative, innovative and enterprising when using traditional, contemporary and emerging technologies, and understand how technologies have developed over time
  • make informed and ethical decisions about the role, impact and use of technologies in the economy, environment and society for a sustainable future
  • engage confidently with and responsibly select and manipulate appropriate technologies − materials, data, systems, components, tools and equipment − when designing and creating solutions
  • critique, analyse and evaluate problems, needs or opportunities to identify and create solutions.