Bust Out In Blue

At our staff meeting on 27 May, staff were put through the Asthma Awareness training to ensure that we are up with the latest research and best practice responses to managing asthma in our school. Parky has over 30 students that have documented Asthma Plans, so we need to make sure that we are following policy and guidelines to ensure the safety of our students whilst they are at school.

To assist the Asthma WA, who provide resources and professional development to families and schools as a free service, we held a Bust-Out-In-Blue day on 4 June to raise some money to assist them in continuing to provide this awesome service.  Thank you to all parents and students who donated a gold coin.  We raised $230.00 for Asthma WA.

If your child has diagnosed asthma, it is crucial that an up-to-date plan is provided to the school. This plan must be signed by your child’s doctor and be current to this year. You may collect a plan to be completed by your doctor from the front office.
Some interesting facts about Asthma below and photos from the day: