Faction Swimming Carnival

Faction Swimming Carnival

The swimming carnival was held on Wednesday in Week 9, and we had such a great day. The winning faction was Green (Jones) with total points of 132, Gold (Schoch) came in second with 123 points and Red Faction (Towle) finished third on 97 points.  The year-level champions were:

Year Level Champion Runner-Up
3 B- Jax B




G- Evie W


B- Bryce G

Jack H

Jay K


G- Miah T

Josie C

4 B- Jax V


G- Neve S

B- Izaak J


G- Lucy R

5 B- Jarrah B


G- Bella V

B- Lucas S


G- Beth D

6 B- Harry L


G- Katya F


B- Finley G


G- Kate G


Well done to everyone on their participation and sportsmanship.  Also a big thank you to the year 6 parent volunteers for providing lunch and the magnificent parents who were judges on the day.