About Parkerville Primary School

Established in 1899, Parkerville Primary School has been offering Hills families a quality education for their children for over a century. Growing from a one roomed building in the heart of Parkerville before moving to the current location in 1962, the school is surrounded by the tranquil Jarrah forests synonymous to the Perth Hills area.

The school has a distinctive values programme that outlines our high expectations of students and staff – ACEAlways Our Best; Caring for all and Everyone Can Achieve. This encompasses excellence in teaching and learning, the social and emotional development of our students and the catering to all abilities and interests.

Our mission statement clearly defines and incorporates our values and provides the standard to which we attain every day;

We are committed to providing a welcoming, inclusive, community-orientated school that embraces high standards and empowers staff and students to achieve their personal best.


We offer a range of programmes for students over and above the implementation of the Australian Curriculum and encouragement to attain excellence academically, seeking to provide diversity in our programmes and a whole school focus:

The school offers specialist programmes in Physical Education, Languages (Japanese), Visual Art and Music as well as providing access to the School of Instrumental Music programmes and private guitar tuition.

The 100s Running Club is held before school in Terms 2 and 3 and seeks to develop the physical endurance and interest in maintaining healthy life skills as well as assisting in training for Cross Country and Athletics events;

Reading Club runs before school every morning all year and encourages a love of reading as well as developing comprehension skills. The students have access to the Lexile Reading profiles to record their progress;

Being in the enviable location we are, we have been able to develop sites around the school for the Nature Play. The Early Childhood hosts a site developed by the staff and parent collaboratively and is the place of much ‘thinking play’. The other site is near the oval and is a place for creative cubby building.

Our Senior Primary students are trained in conflict resolution as Peer Mediators and are ‘on duty’ to assist teachers resolve conflict in the playground. They develop leadership skills as well as provide excellent role modelling for our junior students.

The school aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skill to participate as global citizens who can access the modern world with confidence. We work hard to integrate technology into the curriculum through the use of a range of devices in classrooms as well as providing Smartboards in every room.

In line with our community orientated mission, our P and C and School Board are highly active in supporting and providing improvements to the resources, equipment and the grounds of the school. The School Board plays an integral role in developing and endorsing many of the schools’ policies.

The staff and community of Parkerville Primary work in partnership to create the next generation of ACE Australian citizens and endeavour to provide them with a positive start to their educational career that will see them strive to achieve their personal best.