Parkerville School Board

Parkerville School Board

A Note from the School Board

2020 and 2021 brought about personnel changes with the school board. The founding parent members of the board concluded their term at the end of 2019 and a fresh cohort of parent representatives were voted in. This group has worked well with the staff representatives and the Principal to move forward with the business plan and provide high quality education to our students.

Over the course of 2020-2021, the school kept the board well informed of the strategies and processes related to COVID-19 responses and sought the board’s input where appropriate. Students were well catered for over these periods and the staff handled the extra duties admirably.

All review duties of the board such as endorsing the annual budget, approving the schedule of fees and charges, and monitoring the progress of the business plan were addressed at the regular meetings.

The annual public board meetings, held in December 2020/2021, are usually well attended by non-board members who make valuable contributions.

The board thanks the Principal and staff of Parkerville Primary School for their outstanding efforts across the last two years and welcomes two new members and a new chair for 2022.


Principal: Mrs Carolyn Nunn



Board Chair: 

Parent Members: (all 3 year terms)

Mrs Nicole Rumsey


Mrs Amylene Dell


Mr Martin Shurlock

Photo to be added

Mrs Debbie Taylor

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Staff Representatives:


Mrs Sharon Wyborn

Ms Maryann Taylor


Ms Kat Bavcevic