Principals message

Principal’s Message

As the very proud principal of this Independent Public School that has a long history of providing a nurturing, friendly and rich education. I welcome you to our school website.

Parkerville Primary School is situated in a beautiful bush location and draws on the inspiration from nature to fuel our programmes. It is a pleasure every day to come to work and be surrounded by such serenity.

Our school has a very country feel and we aim to provide a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. As you walk around you will be able to sense the warmth and genuine happy feel, creating a sense of belonging.

Each child is valued and nurtured and we aim to provide opportunities for both staff and students to reach their full potential through stimulating learning environments and fostering life-long learning.

I believe a happy work environment is also a productive one and we aim to ensure that we are attending to the whole child through a variety of extra-curricular programmes as well as encouraging the rigorous pursuit of academic excellence.

We are a part of the Hills Education Community and seek to connect with those schools as often as we can through the arts, science, sport and public speaking.

Our guiding values are:

Always do your best

Caring for all

Everyone can achieve.

I look forward to your contact if you wish to learn more about our school.

Carolyn Nunn