Staff at Parkerville

The staff at Parkerville are dedicated to providing the best learning environment.

Leadership Team

Mrs Carolyn Nunn – Principal Mrs Sharon Wyborn – Deputy Principal Mrs Sarah McCormick – Deputy Principal Mrs Carrie Stuart – Manager Corporate Services

Office Staff

Mrs Katie Loughton – School Officer Ms Lisa Glasfurd – Library Officer

Teaching Staff

Ms Kat Bavcevic/Mrs Fiona Routley – Kindy Ms Carita Melis/Mrs Hannah Hunt – Pre-Primary Mrs Grace Bailey- Pre-Primary Mrs Leonie Boyd – Year 1 Mrs Danielle Sangston- Year 1/2 Mrs Nerissa Rickard – Year 3 Mrs Carrie Ball – Year 2 Ms Lois Gallagher/Mr Dylan Cahill- Year 4 Mrs Leonie Woodley – Year 3/4 Ms Maryann Taylor – Year 5/6 Ms Sharlene McGarry – Year 5/6 Mr Paul Borbas – Music Specialist Mr Sam Paulin- Phys Ed Specialist Mrs Fiona Barty – Art Specialist Ms Aviana Francis – LOTE Specialist

Education Assistants

Mrs Fran Cockrell – Pre-Primary Mr Leonie Woods – Pre-Primary Mrs Diane Sturgeon – Library/Pre-Primary/Year 1/2 Mrs Jane Bullock – EA Ms Bonnie Houldsworth – Special Needs Mrs Robyn Critchell – Special Needs Ms Katherine Spence – Special Needs Ms Natalie Oliver- Special Needs/Admin

Support Staff

Miss Lisa Rawson – Gardener Mrs Kay Barfield – Cleaner Miss Tyler Perry – Cleaner