Numeracy at Parkerville 2

Numeracy at Parkerville

In the Western Australian Curriculum, students become numerate as they develop the knowledge and skills to use mathematics confidently across other learning areas at school and in their lives, more broadly. Numeracy involves students in recognising and understanding the role of mathematics in the world and having the dispositions and capacities to use mathematical knowledge and skills purposefully.

Numeracy encompasses the knowledge, skills, behaviours and dispositions that students need to use mathematics in a wide range of situations. The Numeracy learning continuum identifies the related mathematical knowledge and skills, and contextualises these through learning area examples.

Teachers at Parkerville Primary School seek to identify numeracy demands across the curriculum, and provide students with opportunities to transfer their mathematical knowledge and skills to contexts outside the mathematics classroom. These opportunities assist students to recognise the interconnected nature of mathematical knowledge, other learning areas and the wider world, and encourage them to use their mathematical skills broadly.

Targeting Maths

This programme supplements teachers’ programmes with a comprehensive range of resources that covers the Australian Curriculum in all year levels from Pre-Primary to Year 6. Students each purchase a workbook and have access to the App that provides additional remediation or extension and practise of key skills.

New Wave Mental

This series provides an outline of the crucial mental strategies and assists teachers to explicitly teach and practise those skills as well as providing the opportunity to differentiate the support for each student.

MTS Online Summative Assessment

This WA based programme is used to provide explicit data on strengths and weaknesses for each individual child as well as across cohorts and the whole school.